We are passionate, driven, problem solvers, whose identity and style range in all directions. Each of our ways of designing is an expression of ourselves and our individual differences. Here you will find what makes our class unique. Have a look around to get to know us. Reach out so we can get to know you.
Savon Blanchard
Agustina Chutrau
Olivia Devillier
Vianey Diaz
Silvia Garcia
Diana Gomez
Mayra Gutierrez
Sydney Higgins
Jakob Hoffmann
Analisa Isquierdo
Zohina Karim
Dilruba Koc
Jamie Koenig
Marysia Kosacka
Alex Lopez
Julianna Ly
Linda Ly
Abby Manchaca
Priya Pappan
Heaven Patino
Vanessa Rosacina
Daniel Thomas
Bereniz Velazquez
Courtney Williams